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Important Cal/OSHA Updates for 2019: The Practical Impact on Your Policies and Procedures - On-Demand

Important Cal/OSHA Updates for 2019: The Practical Impact on Your Policies and Procedures - On-Demand

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Important Cal/OSHA Updates for 2019: The Practical Impact on Your Policies and Procedures - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn the most important Cal/OSHA updates for 2019 and the practical impact they will have on your California workplace(s).

California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) recently issued an emergency proposal to adopt federal OSHA’s electronic recordkeeping rule and require affected employers to electronically submit data from Form 300A. Under the proposal, submission of calendar year 2017 data would be due to federal OSHA by December 31, 2018.

For 2019, reports would be due by March 2 of the year after the calendar year covered by the form (for example, by March 2, 2019, for the form covering 2018).

And, ensuring workplace safety compliance under Cal/OSHA’s onerous standards will get even tougher for 2019 for a host of other reasons.

Some of the major issues organizations will need to contend with include:

  • Increased penalties for violations;
  • Re-inspections of cases involving serious citations;
  • Musculoskeletal injury prevention program for hospitality employees;
  • Proposed indoor heat illness regulations that could go into effect by 2020;
  • Online filings of OSHA 300A Summaries;
  • Increased multi-establishment enforcement;
  • Workplace violence in general industry; and
  • AB 2334, a new law in effect January 1, 2019 under which employers may be held liable for recordkeeping violations well past the six-month statute of limitations.

Couple all of this with the fact that federal OSHA continues to aggressively go after organizations it believes have violated applicable safety standards, employers operating in California face an uphill battle in ensuring that their workplace safety policy and practices don’t spark costly fines and penalties and avoid potential criminal action under either state or federal law.

Use this on-demand webinar when OSHA attorney Benjamin Kim of Nixon Peabody LLP’s Los Angeles office will explain the regulatory risks you’ll face in 2019 and what you can—and should—do to minimize your organization’s vulnerability to costly fines and penalties given the latest Cal/OSHA and federal OSHA updates.

You’ll learn:

  • Where DOSH’s emergency proposal on electronic recordkeeping stands—and how it impacts employers’ requirement to submit their Cal/OSHA Form 300A to federal OSHA  
  • Recent Cal/OSHA and OSHA enforcement and citation trends—and what this likely tells us about future Cal/OSHA and OSHA enforcement
  • The most violated standards, and what you should do to ensure that your organization doesn’t wind up in Cal/OSHA’s enforcement crosshairs concerning areas such as:
    • Injury and illness prevention program planning
    • Heat illness prevention policies
    • Machinery and equipment cleaning and repair policies
    • Reporting of fatalities and serious injuries
    • Hazard communication
  • What to do now to prepare for upcoming Cal/OSHA and OSHA enforcement trends 
  • How to update workplace safety guidelines and procedures to meet new/amended Cal/OSHA laws, including AB 2334, which increases the risk of liability for recordkeeping violations
  • Tips for navigating the inspection and citation process in California for 2019
  • Important case-related developments and the practical impact those have on how you manage California workplace safety
  • Status and the future of President Trump’s “de-regulatory agenda” rollout—and the impact that development and any accompany federal rulemaking could have on California workplaces
  • Other significant Cal/OSHA and OSHA policy issues to track in the New Year
  • And more!


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Benjamin Kim, Esq.

Benjamin Kim, Esq.
Nixon Peabody LLP

Benjamin J. Kim is a partner in Nixon Peabody’s Labor & Employment group and Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA) practice. He represents clients in a range of industries in employment and OSHA matters in both federal and state jurisdictions. He also counsels employers on a wide variety of employment issues.

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