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This workshop challenges participants to abandon their outdated ideas on leadership and learn potent new practices that they can immediately use to inspire their teams and organizations to higher levels of performance.

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Bluepoint Leadership Development


The day of the highly-structured organization with a clear strategic plan, a stable market and an unconditionally loyal workforce is over.

BreakOut! is an intense, 2-day workshop designed to equip leaders with the skills needed to step up to the many challenges they’ll face as they grow and advance in their careers. The most enlightened companies have stopped looking back at antiquated leadership models, choosing instead to focus on creating a new breed of independent, dynamic, and agile leaders at every managerial and supervisory level. Breakout! will transform your managers into this new kind of leader.


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About Bluepoint Workshops

Bluepoint’s leadership programs are not typical skills-based training programs but rather transformational experiences that produce extraordinary managers and leaders.

Based on proven, well-researched methodologies and content, Bluepoint workshops provide peace of mind that your investment will deliver solid behavioral and business results. These intense, challenging, thought-provoking workshops are designed to have an immediate and lasting impact on performance, engagement, and alignment.

Bluepoint workshops employ a wide variety of engaging educational activities, including peer coaching, video case studies, stories, presentations, competitions, debates, print materials, and experiential exercises, which are all designed to maximize participant engagement.