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Behavior-Based Safety: Leveraging Human Factors to Drive Strong Safety Performance - On-Demand

Behavior-Based Safety: Leveraging Human Factors to Drive Strong Safety Performance - On-Demand

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Behavior-Based Safety: Leveraging Human Factors to Drive Strong Safety Performance - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn how to leverage human factors to drive strong safety performance by using safety culture assessments and employee and supervisor training to increase safety empowerment, safety ownership, and safety engagement.

Over 5,000 people are killed and almost 3 million people are injured at work each year in the U.S. Controlling hazards, implementing safe practices and procedures, providing appropriate protective equipment, and offering effective worker and supervisor training are necessary preconditions for a strong safety culture, but these efforts alone are insufficient to drive truly exceptional safety performance.

To take safety performance to the next level, safety professionals must examine the interactions among  equipment, facilities, procedures, people, and organizational systems and focus on the factors that contribute to risky behaviors and unsafe conditions,  working with personnel throughout the organization to design and implement effective solutions.

Use this on-demand webinar when Sherry Perdue, Ph.D., of Safety Performance Solutions, Inc. will share the organizational and human factors that contribute to safe vs. unsafe behaviors and how to use training to foster a culture that rewards and encourages safety.

After attending this webinar, you’ll be able to: 

  • Leverage principles of people and behavior-based psychology to promote an ideal safety culture
  • Use safety culture assessments to identify and drive improvement opportunities
  • Identify strategies to increase empowerment, ownership, and engagement in occupational health and safety
  • Use employee and supervisor training programs to promote empowerment and engagement

And, as a bonus for attending, you’ll get BLR’s “Instilling Safety Awareness” checklist!

About Your Presenter

Sherry Perdue, Ph.D.

Sherry Perdue, Ph.D.
Senior Partner
Safety Performance Solutions, Inc.

Sherry Perdue is co-founder and senior partner at Safety Performance Solutions, Inc. She earned her Ph.D. and M.S. from Virginia Tech in industrial and systems engineering with a concentration in human factors engineering and ergonomics.

In her more than 25 years of experience with Safety Performance Solutions, she has helped hundreds of organizations from nearly every industrial sector improve their safety performance by managing the human dynamics of safety.   Her work involves evaluating the safety performance/culture of an organization and then working with the organization to create and implement customized culture change efforts including leadership development, employee engagement efforts, and safety management systems improvements.  In addition to work in the area of safety culture change, she also leads other safety-improvement projects such as the modification of work and work environments to improvement human performance and reduce human error (HOP), the redesign of incident investigation procedures to better uncover the root causes of human performance issues, and the design of performance-based gain sharing and incentive programs.

Some of Sherry's clients include Bristol-Myers Squibb, Corning, Estee Lauder, ExxonMobil Chemical, Kiewit, Toyota, General Dynamics, NRG Energy and Webcor.  She is a frequent speaker at national and international safety conferences.