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ADA Compliance Guide

ADA Compliance Guide

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ADA Compliance Guide

The ADA Compliance Guide is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use resource of its kind. It was created to help you achieve and maintain compliance effectively. The ADA Compliance Guide will help you understand and comply with the EEOC’s final ADA regulations.

With the ADA Compliance Guide, you can:

  • Understand the ADA with plain-English explanations of the law, regulations, and standards
  • Save time with sample forms, charts, notices, and checklists provided with your manual
  • Stay ahead of the game with quarterly updates, practice tools, and newsletters to keep you current on critical developments and trends
  • Save money by having one comprehensive resource filled with the most authoritative guidance

Major Topics Covered

The Americans With Disabilities Act is complex and with the enactment of the ADA Amendments Act, employers, state and local governments, private entities open to the public and public transit agencies will continue to face challenges with ADA compliance.

The ADA Compliance Guide was created to help you achieve and maintain compliance and keep up with the latest legislative developments. It has been enhanced and reorganized to provide you with the most up-to-date information to ensure your compliance.

The Guide includes a Special Report that serves as a quick reference guide to the new law outlining how the new ADA Amendments affect you.

With your one-year subscription, you’ll benefit from updates and newsletters that contain the latest court and regulatory actions, so that you and your Guide are always up-to-date as the law continues to evolve.

The ADA Compliance Guide provides:

  • Clear explanations of the definitions of disability, reasonable accommodation, substantially limited, major life activities, undue hardship, readily achievable barrier removal, program accessibility and all the other key terms in the law
  • Steps to take to ensure ongoing compliance
  • Sections specifically for state and local governments, businesses that are open to the public and transportation authorities
  • Summaries of court cases, a glossary of terms and accessibility standards
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • And more!

Featured Topics

  • Employment Basics
  • Accommodation Realities
  • State & Local Governments
  • Public Accommodations Accessibility
  • Transportation Issues
  • State Disability Laws

Format and Frequency

  • Two Volume Manual
  • Quarterly Updates

About Your Print Subscription

Your annual subscription includes published updates at no additional charge for the 12-month subscription period. If you have any questions about your subscription, please contact Client Services at or call us at 1-800-727-5257, Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm Central Time.