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Accessible e-Learning Design: How to Refine Your Content and Platform to Accommodate All Workers and Avoid Legal Liability - On-Demand

Accessible e-Learning Design: Refine Your Content & Platform to Accommodate All Workers & Avoid Liability - On-Demand

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Accessible e-Learning Design: How to Refine Your Content and Platform to Accommodate All Workers and Avoid Legal Liability - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn how to design and develop accessible e-learning solutions.

On June 15, 2017, following the first trial conducted over website accessibility under the ADA, Judge Robert Scola from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida held in Gomez v. Winn-Dixie that the company violated Title III of the ADA because its website is not accessible.

This set an important precedent for companies when it comes to all of their digital offerings, including learning and development (L&D). When it comes to your training designs, it’s important to ensure that everyone who needs the training content now and in the future will be able to access to it in a format and forum that works for them.

If your training isn’t designed with a focus on accessibility from the start—and many aren’t—you could be left with a situation where you’re providing inadequate training and setting up the company for costly discrimination claims.

Use this on-demand webinar when Learning Ninjas’ Brian Dusablon will walk you through the fundamentals of designing and developing accessible e-learning programs. You’ll learn how to adopt best practices in accessibility and how to ensure that your training content isn’t designed in a way that could get you in legal hot water.

You’ll learn:

  • Key questions to ask at the start of each and every L&D training content project to properly address issues regarding current and future accessibility issues 
  • Design checklist essentials for ensuring that your content or your forum for delivering the training doesn’t leave your company vulnerable to discrimination claims 
  • Ways to jump-start the push to improve e-learning accessibility at your organization 
  • Proper content structure and order (for screen readers) 
  • How to apply alt text for images to show what’s happening on screen 
  • Best practices for using colors and visual cues for those who are color blind 
  • Examples of good visual contrast to accommodate employees with vision impairments 
  • How to use subtitles or transcripts for videos—and the role of transcripts for any learning solutions with audio 
  • How to address mobility issues by designing e-learning content so users can navigate without a standard mouse or keyboard 
  • Accessibility issues to consider for live training events, including the role of translators and ASL interpreters 

And, as a bonus for attending, you’ll receive the Accessibility in Learning Primer by Brian Dusablon, which is chock full of 10 easy steps to improve accessibility, guidelines to get started in your organization, and stellar accessibility resources.

About Your Presenter:

Brian DusablonBrian Dusablon 
Learning Ninjas

Brian Dusablon is an entrepreneur, coach, and generalist who has worked in the elearning industry for over 20 years as a trainer, developer, instructional designer, LMS administrator, project manager, and consultant. Working with organizations and individual s, he applies existing and emerging technologies to simplify processes, improve performance, and measure outcomes. He is frequently asked to speak on a range of topics, including accessibility, user experience, innovative technologies, and entrepreneurship.

As the founder of Learning Ninjas, Mr. Dusablon leads a collaborative consultancy focused on creating and teaching about accessible and effective learning solutions and technologies. Through another venture, Duce Enterprises, he helps small business and freelancers make better decisions about technology and web presence, and coaches professionals in entrepreneurship and career development.

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