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The 2017 Biennial Report: Changes to the Form and How to Prepare Before the March 1 Deadline - On-Demand

The 2017 Biennial Report: Changes to the Form and How to Prepare Before the March 1 Deadline - On-Demand

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The 2017 Biennial Report: Changes to the Form and How to Prepare Before the March 1 Deadline - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn about the changes to the Biennial Report requirements, documents, and submittal process —as well as who must submit— to ensure your organization maintains compliance.

Federal regulations require large quantity generators to submit a report every two years regarding the nature, quantities and disposition of hazardous waste generated at their facility. EPA refers to this as the Hazardous Waste Report or Biennial Report. This report must be submitted to the authorized state agency or EPA regional office by March 1 of every even-numbered year, therefore the next report is due by March 1, 2018 and must include hazardous waste generation activities from calendar year 2017.

As a result of the 2016 Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Final Rule, there have been changes to who must now submit the biennial report. Large quantity generators are still required to submit, but in the past those small quantity generators of hazardous waste who were not required to submit biennial reports may now be subject, under certain circumstances, to both federal and state specific reporting requirements.

There have also been changes to the actual biennial report submittal documents and source codes and management methods have been revised or added.

Use this popular on-demand webinar when Richard DiMambro of Antea Group, a seasoned environmental professional who specialized in strategies that assure compliant and comprehensive hazardous waste reporting, will provide attendees with approaches and suggestions for preparation and submittal of their 2017 biennial reports, including some of the recently introduced changes to the report.

You’ll learn:

  • Review and interpret the new Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Final Rule
  • Assess the changes that have been made to the 2017 biennial hazardous waste report and how they will affect your organization
  • Determine who your organization is required to submit the report to---a state or federal agency
  • Consider how best to prepare your report for 2018 submission in light of the changes
  • Identify a going forward strategy to assure that necessary data is readily available and complete for future submissions
  • Determine how to best submit the report to take advantage of the new time saving submission processes
  • Identify and evaluate outside resources that can assist you in completing your 2017 biennial report due March 1, 2018

About Your Presenter:

Richard DiMambro, P.E.Richard DiMambro, P.E.
Antea Group

Richard A. DiMambro, P.E., a consultant at Antea Group, is a knowledgeable and accomplished professional, and a licensed engineer with significant compliance consulting and technical management experience. His talents include identification of complex environmental requirements challenges, development of meaningful, cost-effective solutions, and clearly communicating findings and results to managers, stakeholders, and regulators.

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