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Getting to Zero: Practical Strategies on Meeting Zero-Incident Goals through Successful Process Indicators - On-Demand or on CD

Getting to Zero: Meet Zero-Incident Goals through Successful Process Indicators - On-Demand

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Getting to Zero: Practical Strategies on Meeting Zero-Incident Goals through Successful Process Indicators - On-Demand

Webinar is now available on-demand.

Many companies consider setting a zero-incident goal for their safety program without really understanding exactly what that could or should mean. What seems like a very logical and noble approach, it could actually neglect to address real areas that help to cultivate and sustain long term and successful performance. 

In fact, many experts who have studied a zero incident goal approach point out that several risks may result--for instance underreporting, non-reporting and, when an incident does occur, a complete deflation of the safety program since the goal is now unachievable. And, if incentives and bonuses are tied to a zero incident goal, things will definitely get more complicated in these areas. 

Although setting a zero-incident goal may be appropriate for your organization, it is important that management seriously considers how best to proceed for sustainable, long-term success. Take the time today to understand what is truly involved in setting a zero-incident goal: the establishment and management of process indicators--including training, behavior observation, and inspections-- that can help catapult your organization to superior world-class safety performance if established correctly. 

Learn more with this on-demand webinar. Our presenter, a seasoned safety professional who has helped many companies develop meaningful and achievable safety goals, will reveal a proven approach to reducing accidents and associated costs in a progressive and incremental manner. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Evaluate, using case studies, how setting a zero-incident goal can result in either success or failure 
  • Determine the overall maturity and cultural factors of your safety program to determine if a zero-incident goal is appropriate 
  • Identify the potential for risk taking, under-reporting of incidents, non-reporting of incidents, and other issues in your organization if decide to purse a zero-incident goal 
  • Consider what needs to occur from a policy, procedural, and implementation perspective for successful rollout of a zero-incident goal approach 
  • Evaluate other goal setting and measurement strategies that may be a better fit for your organization 
  • Identify strategies and processes work that best for measuring a zero-incident goal approach 

If you ordered an on-demand webinar, your access instructions with link to download all materials will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of the program airing. Please add to your safe sender list to ensure delivery. 

About Your Presenter:

John MeolaJohn J. Meola, CSP, ARM 
Safety Director 
Pillar Engineers, Inc. 

John Meola is the safety director at Pillar Engineers, Inc. and an adjunct instructor in Occupational Safety at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. He has over 25 years of hand-on safety leadership and management experience in construction and industry.

Mr. Meola has a BA in Education and has published two safety handbooks and numerous technical articles in trade industry publications. 

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