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Flexible Work Scheduling and Telecommuting: Practical Strategies for a Productive Workforce - on CD

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Flexible Work Scheduling and Telecommuting: Practical Strategies for a Productive Workforce - on CD

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Flexible Work Scheduling and Telecommuting: Practical Strategies for a Productive Workforce - on CD

Telecommuting took over the headlines recently when Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer decided to suspend the company’s telework policy. Both employees and employers around the country reacted with strong feelings -- many for, many against -- but with no shortage of emotion.

Offering workplace flexibility can promote a strong work-life balance and is an effective way for companies to both attract and retain great workers. Flexible hours, compressed work-weeks, teleworking -- these are not new concepts. In fact, more than 75 percent of employers now offer some kind of flexible schedule option, which is up from 66 percent in 2005.

But flexible scheduling and telecommuting options have their fair share of challenges, especially for organizations that are just beginning to incorporate such programs. How do they ensure it’s being done fairly and legally? How can they rein in employees who have developed an entitlement mentality? Where do wage and hour and other regulations come into play?

As an employer, you want to keep your employees happy, but you also have to keep productivity up, so it's crucial for you to get up to date on the latest developments related to telecommuting and alternative scheduling so you can keep your organization on track and moving forward.

Participate in this interactive webinar, and you'll learn:

  • The definition of a flexible workplace -- what it is, and what it isn’t
  • The pros and cons of flex-time, compressed schedules, and teleworking
  • How to identify the key business drivers for your organization -- articulating the tangible, quantitative benefits that will speak to upper management
  • Tips for designing a program and policy that integrate naturally with your policies (and realities) for performance management, security, and technology
  • How to help supervisors manage for results when it comes to remote employees: with performance metrics, not just presence
  • Examples of what’s worked, and what hasn’t, and what was learned from both
  • Why it is critical to train both managers and employees to assure common understanding, and clear and consistent practices
  • Advice for dealing with the negative perceptions that flex-workers may experience
  • How and when to discontinue teleworking programs, either for individuals or for the company -- and not end up in the headlines
  • How to structure a pilot program, so you can start small, measure, and expand your program in a practical, business-based way
  • Keys to tracking and meeting goals with new workforce practices

In just 90 minutes, learn the risks and rewards associated with telecommuting, compressed schedules, and more. Order now!

About your presenter:

As founder and president of WorkLife Performance, Inc., Dayna Fellows offers more than 30 years of experience in professional development, performance management, and work/life programs and policies, with particular focus on managing telework and virtual teams. As a consultant, facilitator, and executive coach, Dayna has worked with clients in more than 15 countries. She is a highly rated guest faculty member at OPM’s Eastern and Western Management Development Centers, and she is a national spokesperson on the challenges and rewards of a Flexible Workplace.

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