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SPCC Plans: Critical Updates, Calculations, and Drafting Tips for Total Compliance - On-Demand

SPCC Plans: Critical Updates, Calculations, and Drafting Tips for Total Compliance - On-Demand

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SPCC Plans: Critical Updates, Calculations, and Drafting Tips for Total Compliance -

Webinar now available On-Demand.

The purpose of EPA’s Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Program (SPCC) is to prevent oil, greases, and fuels from spilling into waters of the United States and adjoining shorelines. In order to achieve this, facilities covered by the regulations must write, certify, and implement a compliant SPCC plan.

SPCC regulations date back several decades and have been amended many times, so environmental managers are usually working with inherited SPCC plans. This leaves room for error based on potentially out-of-date, inaccurate, and non-compliant documentation. There’s also a good chance that the facility or facilities covered by the plan have changed over time, and with those changes comes the need to update existing SPCC plans. Furthermore, as required by regulations, plans must be reviewed and updated if necessary every 5 years.

If you have an existing SPCC plan in place or if you are preparing one for the first time, it’s critical to understand exactly what’s required. With the proper information and assistance, verifying that a plan is complete and in compliance can be a straightforward process whether you are writing a plan for the first time or updating an existing plan.

Use this on-demand webinar when Heather Woodward, technical director of W & M Environmental Group will share proven strategies for developing and implementing a SPCC-compliant process that leads to certification. Ms. Woodward will identify the various approaches available to you and recommend those that are most cost effective, compliant, and designed to meet an organization’s specific needs.

You’ll learn: 

  • How the regulations, including amendments and changes, apply to your SPCC plan 
  • How to verify key compliance dates and essential definitions 
  • How to identify who, what kind of materials, and what kind of facilities are covered by the SPCC rules 
  • How to accurately calculate your facility(s) oil storage capacity 
  • How to determine, using flow diagrams, SPCC Plan applicability for your facility(s) 
  • SPCC applicability exemptions that may apply 
  • Primary SPCC plan components applicable to all facilities requiring a SPCC plan including: 
    • Facility description and diagram requirements 
    • Discharge prevention measures 
    • Inspections and integrity testing 
    • Security measures 
    • Spill response and notification procedures and training 
  • The types of SPCC plans to consider including: 
    • Professional Engineer-certified 
    • Self-Certified Plan for Tier II Qualified Facilities 
    • Tier I Qualified 
  • How to use a model SPCC plan based on best practices as it applies to your facility 
  • How to apply and effectively utilize the Tier I SPCC Plan Template 

About Your Presenter:

Heather WoodwardHeather Woodward 
Technical Director 
W&M Environmental Group

Heather Woodward, a Registered Environmental Manager (REM) and Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) is acknowledged for her expertise in industrial compliance, real estate due diligence, EHS training, and remediation project management.

Throughout MS. Woodward’s 20-plus years of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) experience, she has had the opportunity to manage several unique projects such as: general regulatory compliance and reporting, storm water pollution prevention plans (SWP3), spill plans (SPCC), asbestos management, litigation support, CERCLA/Superfund steering committees, Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments, EHS training, and corporate wellness programs. Ms. Woodward has worked on projects and compliance activities conducted throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. 

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