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Safety 101: How to Establish and Run a Workplace Safety Program

Safety 101: How to Establish and Run a Workplace Safety Program

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Safety 101: How to Establish and Run a Workplace Safety Program

Safety 101 is a comprehensive handbook with everything you need to establish and run a workplace safety program, so you can ensure your company is both safe to work in and compliant with OSHA’s standards.

Who is it for?

This ready-to-use set is ideal for professionals with limited time and resources to manage workplace safety. This includes people in environmental health and safety, human resources, risk management, operations management, and other supervisory roles. Organizations, local governments, and businesses in every industry can provide their EHS managers with this easy-to-use tool for improving safety performance and ensuring compliance.

What’s inside?

The handbook identifies more than 60 health and safety challenges that companies face, and each chapter outlines step-by-step how to establish and implement a workplace safety program that addresses these challenges. The handbook also has six information-packed appendices that provide detailed compliance and training checklists, regulatory comparison charts, sample safety policies and programs, and additional resources to help make any workplace a safer place.

Topics include:

  • Defining the role and responsibilities of a safety manager
  • Creating a safety culture
  • Getting support from upper management for your program
  • Understanding your OSHA rights and requirements
  • Requesting variances from OSHA regulations
  • Identifying, controlling, and eliminating workplace hazards
  • Writing practical, OSHA-compliant safety policies and handbooks
  • Motivating employees to engage in safe behavior
  • Providing safety training to employees, supervisors, and managers
  • Handling OSHA inspections
  • Conducting inspections, audits, and investigations; and much more.
  • See the table of contents here 


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