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How to Recruit Top Talent from College Campuses: A-Plus Strategies for Success - On-Demand

How to Recruit Top Talent from College Campuses: A-Plus Strategies for Success - On-Demand

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How to Recruit Top Talent from College Campuses: A-Plus Strategies for Success - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn how campus recruiting is different from standard practices and how to successfully use it to greatly benefit your organization.

With the increased competition to find the best candidates, recruiters need to get creative in how they search for qualified talent. And, college campuses are a great place to recruit new talent.

Recent and soon-to-be grads are eager to get their feet wet and to learn as much as possible to show off their skills to potential employers. By the time graduation rolls around, students will likely already have a year of industry experience under their belts due to internships and co-ops, which are graduation requirement at many institutions.

If you haven’t started looking to college campuses for your next wave of talent, use this on-demand webinar when Danielle Perry, a corporate recruiter with Definitive Healthcare, will get you started and tell you how college campus recruiting has been beneficial to her recruiting business.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Connect with campus career services that will send promising candidates directly to your inbox 
  • Get the most out of campus career and recruitment fairs 
  • Choose the right schools to target 
  • Select the best technology to reach students and recent graduates 
  • Decide if an internship program is right for your organization 
  • Engage with and manage your student candidate pool 
  • Deal with entry level candidates—who generally require a bit of different treatment 

Learn how one of the Boston area’s fastest growing technology companies successfully recruits talent across college campuses!

This is a Recruitcon featured webinar:
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About Your Presenter

Danielle PerryDanielle Perry 
Corporate Recruiter
Definitive Healthcare

Danielle Perry works in corporate recruiting at Definitive Healthcare, one of Boston's fastest growing tech companies, where she finds the very best and brightest to join the team. She fell into (and in love with) recruiting by chance after joining John Galt, a technical staffing agency. A champion of proactive recruiting, Ms. Perry is passionate about finding innovative ways to identify great candidates, and providing a world-class candidate experience. Aside from filling roles, she spends time contemplating what makes an organization a great place to work and how to promote an amazing company culture, which starts with getting the right people on the bus!

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