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2017 Payroll Year End: How to Make Adjustments to W-2s and Correctly Report Fringe Benefits, Gifts, Awards, Bonuses and More - On-Demand

2017 Payroll Year End: Adjustments to W-2s & Correctly Report Fringe Benefits, Gifts, Awards, Bonuses - On-Demand

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2017 Payroll Year End: How to Make Adjustments to W-2s and Correctly Report Fringe Benefits, Gifts, Awards, Bonuses and More - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn how to complete 2017 year-end payroll reporting obligations.

As 2017 nears its end, payroll professionals across the country lie awake at night, worrying:

  • Are the W-2s correct? 
  • Did I report the fringe benefits correctly? 
  • How do I account for HSAs? 

Stop your tossing and turning and use this in-depth webinar on-demand with Elizabeth Bystrom, CPA. She’ll explain what HR and payroll professionals need to do to ensure the 2017 payroll is reported correctly—and how to make year-end adjustments before it’s too late. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to make year-end adjustments to W-2s, including year-end gifts/awards/bonuses 
  • How to handle wages not paid in cash 
  • How to report fringe benefits on Form W-2, including health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, and more 
  • When fringe benefits are treated as paid, and how to withhold on them. (Hint: supplemental wage rates apply here) 
  • When and how to report HSAs on Form W-2 
  • S-Corp shareholder W-2 reporting requirements 
  • Year-end W-2 preparation essentials and how to reconcile them to your quarterly returns 
  • Pointers on fixing errors 
  • How to manage W-2Cs 
  • Best practices for accelerated W-2 filing 
  • How the IRS is using payroll to fight tax fraud, and your role as an employer in thwarting fraud 
  • And more! 

About Your Presenter

Elizabeth Bystrom, CPAElizabeth Bystrom, CPA 
Owner, Founder 
Elizabeth Bystrom CPA, Ltd. 

Elizabeth Bystrom CPA of Elizabeth Bystrom CPA, Ltd. Is licensed as a CPA in the State of Minnesota, has spent 17 years explaining the Internal Revenue Code to non-tax people in such a way that they actually understand what she is saying. In 2010, her entrepreneurial voice finally grew too loud to ignore and she made the leap to small business owner. She went to work building from the ground up a firm that specializes in small business and individual tax consulting. Her belief is that the right combination of good communication, good information and good advice is the foundation for good decisions. Today, her firm offers more than just the traditional tax preparation services, offering growth services such as tax planning, business coaching and QuickBooks training. 

Ms. Bystrom leverages her professional experience and the latest technology to maintain a work/life balance that suits both her clients and family alike. Her experiences as a spokesperson for the MN State Society of CPA’s, as well as a snow board instructor add a richness to her unique brand. Her natural approachability, combined with her open and honest style has allowed her to build a practice unlike any other. Her collaborative process in dealing with her clients provides them with the opportunity to be tax-aware and make smarter decisions in all areas of daily life. 

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