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New Supervisors and Managers: Essential Training Tactics to Sharpen Leadership Skills and Strengthen Team Performance

New Supervisors and Managers: Essential Training Tactics to Sharpen Leadership Skills and Strengthen Team Performance

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New Supervisors and Managers: Essential Training Tactics to Sharpen Leadership Skills and Strengthen Team Performance

Live Webinar: Wednesday, December 19, 2018

1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Eastern / 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Pacific

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn essential training tactics to sharpen new supervisors’ and managers’ leadership skills and team performance.


It’s a big leap for an employee to go from being an individual contributor to a manager. Part of the reason is that those contributors have exceled at what they do, so they’ve been promoted, which means they’re going to stop doing what they’re good at to manage a team—and knowing how to manage people isn’t an innate trait everyone possesses. The good news is that it can be learned.

HR plays a key role in new supervisors’ success. By focusing on developing the different set of skills new supervisors and managers will need, you’ll be setting them up for a successful transition. For instance, training new managers requires attention to communication strategies, knowing how to listen and lead, and finding ways for former employees to feel comfortable and thrive in their new role.

Join us December 19 for an in-depth webinar that will walk you through many of the landmark changes that new supervisors need to adjust to. Dawn Cacciotti, an HR expert who regularly trains organizations on practical approaches for successful staffing, leadership, and organizational development, will explain the many shifts recently appointed supervisors need to make to start getting comfortable in their new, and sometimes lonely, role as leaders and motivators, and how they can make those adjustments successfully.

You’ll learn:

  • Where to start with developing new supervisors and managers into star leaders starting with day 1 of their new roles
  • Time wasters new supervisors and managers need to watch out for—and what they can do to begin producing results right out of the gate
  • The most common mistakes new managers make—and how those can be avoided
  • A snapshot of what a “great supervisor” looks like, including the key traits that make them such as success
  • Effective listening skills to elevate new supervisors and managers to a new level of leadership 
  • Tactics for transforming new managers from the role of “doer” to “delegator,” and systems to keep track of projects while not becoming the dreaded micro-managers
  • How to identify areas for improvement, and tips on what new supervisors and manager can do right now to instantly improve their job performance in their new roles
  • And much more!


About Your Presenter

Dawn CacciottiDawn Cacciotti

Dawn Cacciotti, founder of EngageHRnow®, has over 25 years of strategic HR experience.  As a human resources strategist, author, and passionate speaker, Ms. Cacciotti is an advocate for the importance of strategic HR to the success of all organizations. EngageHRnow®, founded in 2014 is a human resources consulting firm specializing in employee engagement, organizational culture, and human capital solutions for small to mid-size associations and for-profit business.

Ms. Cacciotti has won numerous honors for her leadership in the area of Engagement, Strategy and Well-being. In 2014 she was recognized by Employee Benefits News as the “Benefits Leadership – Judges Choice” award winner, led the strategic human capital change at the National Restaurant Association allowing them to be awarded the coveted Washington Post Top Workplace list in Washington, D.C., and was a Human Resources Strategic Alignment honoree for the HRLA awards.

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