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RecruitCon 2017 Feature | Job Candidate DNA: What Makes Them Tick and How to Attract Them - On-Demand

RecruitCon 2017 Feature Webinar – Job Candidate DNA: What Makes Them Tick and How to Attract Them - On-Demand

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Job Candidate DNA: What Makes Them Tick and How to Attract Them - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

What makes today’s job candidates tick? What’s most important to them? And, what drives them to a high level of performance and why?

In today’s diverse, multi-generational workplace, recruiters should be thinking about candidates’ proverbial DNA—especially those from the youngest—incoming—generation of the workforce. What drives them, and why? By examining these questions, you’ll be in better position to figure out how best to recruit and retain them.

Use this on-demand webinar, when Steve Lowisz, CEO of Qualigence, will reveal the secrets to attracting the talent you want.

You’ll learn: 

  • What candidates now want from a prospective employer—Hint: Several things have changed between last year and today 
  • Dangerous assumptions you could be making about job candidates and whether all assumptions are dangerous 
  • 4 key attributes to consider when recruiting candidates 
  • When recruiters and HR professionals are likely to get hiring decisions wrong 
  • The key to unlocking what really motivates each job candidate 

About Your Presenter:

Steve LowiszSteve Lowisz

With more than two decades of experience in recruiting and HR, Steve Lowisz is a highly regarded trainer and educator on all things talent. After leading sourcing and staffing engagements for organizations across the globe, he has a unique and entrepreneurial perspective of the talent acquisition industry, its challenges, and its unique and changing opportunities.

Mr. Lowisz’s passion is to educate and equip recruiting & HR professionals with the tools and techniques required to create effective talent acquisition and retention strategies. His unique and unconventional delivery is engaging, challenging and thought-provoking for recruiters & HR professionals new to the industry all the way up to senior-level executives seeking the best talent. 

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