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I-9s for 2016: Key Recordkeeping Tips for Completion, Retention, and Re-verification - On-Demand

I-9s for 2016: Key Recordkeeping Tips for Completion, Retention, and Re-verification - On-Demand

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I-9s for 2016: Key Recordkeeping Tips for Completion, Retention, and Re-verification -

Webinar now available On-Demand.

The current version of Form I-9 expired on March 31, 2016, but USCIS has instructed employers to continue using it until a new revision is approved. USCIS has also proposed changes to the I-9 process that are meant to streamline it and reduce errors.

Good news, right? The bad news is that many employers still don’t have a good handle on the current I-9 process, and confusion—and mistakes—are rampant.

Given that you need an I-9 for every single employee on your books, these mistakes can be very costly—especially with government enforcement on the rise. Now, while the process is being reviewed and updated, is the perfect time for employers to master I-9 compliance once and for all (and get all those nagging questions answered).

Use this informative rebroadcast of our widely popular webinar featuring Jacob Muklewicz and Elaine Young, both seasoned immigration attorneys, who will teach you how to get your I-9 records and practices up to date so you can stay in compliance, stay out of court, and avoid hefty fines.

Plus, you’ll learn: 

  • The scope of USCIS’ proposed changes to Form I-9 filings, and the practical impact the changes could have on employers 
  • Current requirements for I-9 form and E-Verify compliance 
  • Answers to common but tricky questions such as: 
    • If the SSN entered into E-Verify is incorrect, what steps should you take? 
    • If an employee moves out of state and his/her driver’s license says it’s not valid for federal ID purposes, can you accept the license as a List B document? 
    • Can you accept a temporary green card? What if it’s about to expire? 
    • What do you do when a proffered document just looks kind of “off” to you? 
  • Common I-9 completion mistakes to avoid 
  • Best practices for filling out the I-9 and legally acceptable ways to verify worker documentation—including answers to questions such as whether it’s acceptable to look at remote hires’ documents via Skype or FaceTime 
  • Form I-9 re-verification requirements for non-U.S. citizens and non-permanent residents 
  • How to complete I-9s for new employees using automatically extended employment authorization documents (EADs) 
  • Tips for copying and storing I-9s from supporting documentation to paper I-9s and electronic records 
  • When it’s safe to destroy old I-9s 
  • Recordkeeping errors that attract ICE scrutiny and hefty fines 
  • Best practices for not hiring or employing unauthorized workers 
  • How to advertise openings without breeding citizenship-based discrimination claims 
  • Information you should and shouldn't demand of applicants and employees 
  • Strategies for preparing for an ICE audit 
  • And much more! 

About Your Presenters:

Jacob MuklewiczJacob Muklewicz, Esq. 
Chair, Employment and Immigration 
Kirton McConkie

Attorney Jacob Muklewicz is chair of Kirton McConkie’s Employment and Immigration section. He counsels and advises large multinational corporations, local businesses, individual investors and professionals in areas involving employment-based immigration law. Mr. Muklewicz has presented at state bar associations and published articles on topics concerning employment-based immigration and compliance with employment verification regulations. 

Elaine YoungElaine Young, Esq. 
Kirton McConkie

Attorney Elaine Young advises helps employers develop I-9 and E-Verify policies, conduct self-audits and respond to I-9 audits, and trains new HR personnel on all aspects of immigration compliance. In addition to I-9 work, she works with large, medium and small businesses with their global migration needs, including helping them hire foreign workers who need U.S. visas, and send U.S. workers on foreign assignments. Elaine is a co-author of BLR’s HR Guide to Employment Law chapter on Immigration and speaks frequently on I-9 and immigration-related topics. 

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