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HR Training Presentations in PowerPoint®

HR Training Presentations in PowerPoint®

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Your Challenge: Make sure employees and supervisors know what to NEVER say or do in the workplace, without the time and expense of creating employment law training programs on your own.

BLR’s Solution:  HR Training Presentations, the all-in-one tool on CD-ROM that makes it easy to lead training on 20 of the most treacherous areas of personnel interaction, so you can focus your energy on bigger strategic issues.


Failure to teach employees and supervisors the fundamentals of employment law can come back to bite when an aggressive plaintiff’s attorney sues your organization over an employee’s claim of discrimination, harassment, unlawful termination, or worse. If you can’t prove you’ve trained your workforce, it can shift the liability to your organization. But what HR professional has time to develop training programs that work?

HR Training Presentations, BLR’s collection of 20 employment law courses on CD-ROM, is your complete solution. From your script to slides to handouts to quizzes, we’ve done all the prep work to provide everything you need to conduct legally sound training on the most commonly misunderstood, and potentially expensive, areas of the employee interaction.

Renewed annually until cancelled.

BLR's popular HR Training Presentations has a totally redesigned appearance and interface - now it's easier than ever to give the employment law training your managers and employees need. You get prewritten HR training meetings on 20 critical human resource topics – complete with customizable PowerPoint® slides, interactive exercises, speaker's notes, and handouts. Many sessions include audio - for a plug-n-play delivery of training.

Teaching how to handle sensitive labor law issues like ADA, FMLA, and sexual harassment has never been easier. You simply pick a training meeting, click, and deliver attention getting, professional quality PowerPoint meetings.

Forget about preparation time, HR Training Presentations includes everything you need for effective supervisor training:

  • 20 prewritten PowerPoint training meetings on key HR topics
  • Training that will help you avoid costly lawsuits; guide you workplace to total regulatory compliance.
  • Sessions with AUDIO - we do the talking for you! Professional trainer - no extra cost.
  • Fully researched and expertly designed to save you time.
  • BLR's 30+ years experience and the benefit of attorney / legal editors on staff
  • Every training session includes a comprehensive trainer's guide to give the trainer background and guidance on training for that topic, including ideas for customizing the training session for your operation.
  • Easy to customize slides
  • The PowerPoint slides make for interesting, professional meetings. Easy to customize with your own policies and photos.
  • Reproducible handouts and quizzes
  • Simply print out and photocopy the handouts for concise, cost-effective training reminders. Use the quizzes to assess training gaps. Also includes new sign-in sheets, training records, and evaluation forms.
  • Interactive exercises
  • Hands on or interactive exercises get buy-in and increase comprehension.
  • Quarterly updates Every 90 days, you'll receive a new CD-ROM with 4 all-new HR training presentations with audio, trainers guides, handouts, and interactive exercises.

Presentations cover topics like:
  • Sexual harassment for supervisors
  • Sexual harassment for all employees
  • Progressive discipline
  • Diversity for supervisors
  • Diversity for all employees
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Family and Medical Leave Act for supervisors
  • Performance appraisals
  • Time management
  • Workplace violence and warning signs

Renewed annually until cancelled.