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HR Tools

HR Tools

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HR Tools

The ultimate collection of tools for the HR professional

Manage job descriptions, build & update employee handbooks, classify employees, learn what employment laws effect your organization, and answer HR questions with the HR Tools suite from BLR.

What’s included:

Employee Handbook Builder (learn more)

Build, update and customize your Employee Handbook online with one simple tool:

  • Create custom, state-specific handbooks
  • Stay compliant with state and federal policies
  • Protect against potential lawsuits
  • Save on printing costs with online access for employees

State Law Chart Builder
(learn more)

Now you can easily create side-by-side state & federal employment law reports.

Maintain legally safe and effective practices wherever you have employees, compare and contrast state employment laws and regulations for all 50 states, and deliver fast-read summaries.

  • Choose from a menu of over 75 challenging areas
  • Select the states in which you need to know what your policies and practices must contain
  • Get instant side-by-side summaries of what’s required of HR under state law
  • Reduce risk of workplace conflict, expensive fines and penalties, and even lawsuits.
  • Subscription includes unlimited charts

FLSA Audit Tool
(learn more)

Save time | Minimize costs | Protect against risk

  • Answer a series of questions, and receive a custom FLSA compliance report
  • Exemption-by-exemption analysis of a specific employee or job
  • Step-by-step classification analysis
  • Automatic updates when regulations change
  • Subscription includes unlimited audits & classification reports 

Job Description Manager
(learn more)

This easy-to-use online tool provides you with more than 2,400 job titles to make your work easy.

  • Produce standardized job descriptions in one click
  • Store your job descriptions online for easy access & updating
  • Download, create PDFs, print or even email your job descriptions
  • Subscription includes unlimited job descriptions

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Pricing for the products above are for internal organizational use only for one user and one state. For custom pricing, additional users/states or to discuss external or third party use, please contact customer service at