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This web-based service provides subscribers with news, analysis, and advice for updating company policy, resolving conflict, and advising senior leadership.


Your Challenge: Make key Human Resources decisions, from those affecting a single applicant or employee to those that can change how your entire organization deals with the workforce, without violating the thousands of state and federal laws and regulations that can come into play.

BLR’s Solution: HR Laws, the ultimate online answer system for successful, confident, and accurate HR practices


HR Laws delivers everything you need to:

  • Answer policy questions from employees, supervisors, and top executives, quickly and with confidence
  • Make personnel decisions that align with both your organization’s procedures and the state and federal laws that regulate them
  • Avoid the legal missteps that can result in administrative fines, arbitration awards, jury verdicts and worse
  • Maintain sound policies in the face of changing laws and regulations, and the court decisions that interpret them
  • Execute required reporting, filing, and record keeping responsibilities, without fear of oversight
  • And so much more...


Let HR Laws Be the First -- and Last -- Place You Look for Employment Law Policy and Compliance Assistance

HR Laws is the leading online management information resource for Human Resources professionals and their counsel. It provides the advice, news, and explanations you need to update policies, resolve conflict, defend tough decisions, and advise senior leadership. Answers to all your questions are provided by our nationwide network of attorneys, practicing with some of the most prestigious law firms, in each of the 50 United States, so you’re assured of accurate guidance on meeting employer obligations under both state and federal law.

As an HR Laws subscriber, you get:

  • Federal and State News & Analysis: State-specific employment law compliance advice. You’re alerted to new and amended state laws and regulations and court decisions that affect your policies and personnel decisions. Plus, you benefit from plain-English guidance on new and changing federal employment laws and regulations like FMLA, ADA, and wage & hour statutes. Our sources in Washington include the former chief legal officer at the Department of Labor and a former member of the National Labor Relations Board. You can compare employment law obligations across multiple states, at a glance, to quickly determine where policies have to be adjusted and differing procedures followed.
  • Policies and Forms: When circumstances call for a new or revised policy, simply download the appropriate document from the policy library and tailor it to your specific organizational needs. Each has been reviewed by experienced attorneys for accuracy, clarity, and safety, helping you craft policies on a firm legal foundation.
  • Webinars/Audio Conferences: These highly topical events are available on-demand. In 60 to 90 minutes, you’re up to speed on a management concern and given a clear road map to avoiding expensive missteps. From FMLA requirements to changes in benefit-plan regulations, our constantly updated library of hundreds of recorded conferences covers every possible compliance issue. You also have access to our library of audio conferences for supervisors, making training your managers a snap.
  • Laws and Regs: You have access to the complete text of state and federal employment laws, perfect for double-checking a policy or justifying a tough decision.
  • Manuals and Books Online: A reference library of comprehensive instructional resources on specific compliance challenges such as FMLA, the ADA, payroll policy, conducting internal investigations, auditing policies, overhauling employee handbooks, and more. Each prepared by employment law attorneys to guide you past the trickiest shoals and treacherous legal currents.
  • Access to Peer Advice: Our Management Forum is a lively community of Human Resources professionals and experienced employment law counsel. You can ask questions, share experiences, and strengthen your skill sets through interaction with leaders at some of the nation’s most respected and successful employers.
  • Posters: Download required state and federal posters. Always up-to-date with the latest requirements.

BONUS: HR Laws includes instant online access to current and past issues of leading management information journals:

  • State-specific Employment Law Letters: Delivering guidance on new state laws, regulations, and court decisions affecting your HR policies and procedures. Always in plain English and in time for you to act. We have a different Employment Law Letter for each of the 50 states plus Washington, D.C. and Canada, in each case prepared by a highly-respected team of in-state attorneys who represent management in employment law matters.
  • HR Insight: Packed with must-know information and tips you can use right now to tackle all your toughest "in the trenches" HR challenges. It’s your direct pipeline to America’s best HR practices and policies.
  • Frontline Supervision: The fast-read employment law briefing for managers, it explains the right and wrong way to handle tricky situations and maintain a productive and conflict-free work environment.
  • Employers State Law Alert: Latest state employment law developments from across the nation, so you can adjust your policies and advise managers at multiple sites. You learn of legislative acts, court decisions, and new employer rights and obligations.
  • Federal Employment Law Insider: Our deeply connected sources report and analyze changing laws and regulations emanating from Congress, the White House, the DOL and DOJ, all so you can make smarter policy decisions and recommendations.

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