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EHS Training Library

EHS Training Library

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UPDATED! Provide environmental training that is painless and be confident your environmental compliance issues are covered. The EHS Training Library is a powerful resource that combines an extensive library of prewritten environmental training materials developed by BLR's experts. Your library is conveniently stored on a disc and gives you handy access to commanding PowerPoint® training and regulatory information.

You'll have:

  • Ready-to-use materials on required training for hazwaste, DOT and OSHA regulations
  • Clear, simple and complete training sessions
  • Interactive classroom exercises
  • Completion quiz
  • Handouts
  • Comprehensive trainer notes through-out the presentation

In the start package alone you'll have 120 training tools for your first 20 sessions!

AND with your regular supplements (included at no additional cost) you'll get 2 new PowerPoints with Audio each quarter keeping your training current on hot topics and fresh so your employees are always well trained!

High quality DVD! Renewed annually until cancelled.