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Employee Handbook Builder

Employee Handbook Builder

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A subscription to the Employee Handbook Builder includes up to 50 states (and D.C.), for a flat yearly fee of $350.

Employee Handbook Builder 2.0 is here!

Release highlights:

  • A brand-new interview process that allows subscribers to include and review policies that apply specifically to their organization
  • Addition of a workflow graphic to see where a subscriber is in the handbook creation process
  • Enhanced flexibility to review and edit policies at a subscriber’s convenience
  • A new Review All Policies page, reflecting all policies available to subscribers in the Employee Handbook Builder
  • Up to 50% reduction in handbook creation time

Employee Handbook Builder
is a completely browser-based system, unlike software products that require you to download files on to your desktop. With Employee Handbook Builder, you can build, access, and update your handbook from any computer with a browser and an internet connection. In addition, we cover all applicable state policies, review them and provide you with updates throughout the year. Your handbook is hosted on our secure servers and can be made available over the web to employees with real-time updates you provide.

Employee Handbook Builder:

  • Is written by top employment attorneys - You get the exclusive, experienced insights from the HR legal experts at Jackson Lewis LLP, the leading labor and employment law firm representing management and specializing in the federal and state laws that affect employers.
  • Saves you time and money - Employee Handbook Builder is completely internet-based, unlike some employee handbook software products that require you to download applications to your desktop. With our Handbook Builder, you can work on your handbook from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Complies with federal and state laws - Some states have requirements that supersede federal laws on common employee handbook provisions. Employee Handbook Builder provides special sections for your state in the trickiest areas, like sexual harassment and leaves of absence.
  • Is never out of date - The experts at Jackson Lewis keep an eye on all the developments affecting your employee handbook so you don't have to. If developments at the federal or state level suggest a change to your handbook, we'll send you an alert with simple instructions on how to add the new language.
  • Has no printing and distribution costs - We host your employee handbook for you. Just send a link, username, and password to your employees for access, or print for standard distribution.
  • Is not just a sample employee handbook - Employee Handbook Builder guides you through the customization process with its expert interview and helpful notes on key provisions. It's not just a sample or an employee handbook template. This service helps you create your own customized employee handbook from start to finish.
  • Perfect for both large and small businesses- Employee Handbook Builder is the perfect solution for businesses of any size. It guides you through all the key federal and state requirements and allows you to distribute your handbook to 1 to 1,000 employees.
  • Is a great resource for PEOs - Professional Employer Organizations can use the Employee Handbook Builder to manage handbooks for their clients. Learn more

Major Topics Covered

An employee handbook does more than protect your company from legal liability. A clear and concise handbook defines standards for workplace conduct and describes employee benefits, company policies, and state and federal laws. Using Employee Handbook Builder, you can produce a fully customized employee handbook quickly - something that would typically cost thousands of dollars and require weeks of valuable company time.

Format and Frequency

About Your Online Subscription

Your annual subscription includes published updates at no additional charge for the 12-month subscription period. If you have any questions about your subscription, please contact Client Services at 800-727-5257 or by emailing:

What is the Employee Handbook Builder?