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Aboveground Storage Tanks: How to Develop and Maintain a Tank Inspection Program That Meets SPCC Requirements - On-Demand

Aboveground Storage Tanks: Develop & Maintain a Tank Inspection Program That Meets SPCC Requirements - On-Demand

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Aboveground Storage Tanks: How to Develop and Maintain a Tank Inspection Program That Meets SPCC Requirements - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

If your facility is equipped with an Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) and you have more than 1,320 gallons of oil storage capacity in those tanks on site, your facility is likely subject to SPCC regulations because spill and leak incidents are always a possibility. A comprehensive and up-to-date SPCC plan can help minimize environmental and regulatory compliance risks.

Tank and piping failure, poor maintenance, dispensing issues, delivery problems, and lack of safety and security are the most common causes for leak and spill incidents and should all be addressed in your facility’s SPCC plan. If your SPCC plan does not cover the essential areas, you run the risk of causing and experiencing a risk that could have a significant negative impact on the environment and have costly ramifications.

Conducting and establishing a quality tank inspection program goes hand-in-hand with spill prevention plans to adhere to environmental and regulatory compliance standards. Recordkeeping, knowing relevant industry standards, scheduled inspections, and evaluation are all part of a quality AST inspection program, and will keep your organization’s tanks clean and effective, and help you avoid costly fines down the road.

Use this informative on-demand webinar led by Dylan Brown, tank inspector and project coordinator at Tank Consultants, Inc. He’ll discuss strategies and best management practices for successfully implementing a quality tank inspection program and provide recommendations for a compliant and comprehensive SPCC program for your facility’s ASTs.

You’ll learn: 

  • How often ASTs should be inspected, what inspection standards may be relevant to your situation, and what different types of inspections entail
  • How to prepare for and comply with SPCC regulations
  • The basics of the two most common industry standards – API 653 and STI SP001
  • How to categorize tanks per STI SP001 Inspection Standard
  • What EPA inspectors look for specifically in regards to your tank inspection program within your SPCC plan

About Your Presenter:

Dylan BrownDylan Brown
Project Coordinator
Tank Consultant’s Inc.

Dylan Brown is the Project Coordinator at Tank Consultant’s Inc. where he ensures project success through masterful coordination between inspection crews, engineers, accounts payable and the customer. TCI provides expertise and innovation with the highest level of credibility to the above ground storage tank industry. The core employees of TCI are engineers and inspectors who have extensive experience in the industry. TCI takes pride in being known as “the storage tank experts” with a full tank-specific service line and employees that demonstrate extensive experience and knowledge. Mr. Brown is also a certified aboveground Tank System Inspector from the Steel Tank Institute.

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